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Ofhc copper wire

The Wonder of OFHC Copper Wire: The Best Choice for Your Next Project. 

Looking for the perfect cable your following task? Take a look at OFHC copper wire, along with Huansheng Alloy Technology's product 5mm brass plate. This special sort of possesses it is own advantages making it your best decision for any application. We will talk about the innovation, safety, use, service, quality, and applications of OFHC copper wire.

Precisely what is OFHC copper wire?

OFHC copper wire is a type or special kind of the stands for Oxygen-Free High Conductivity, same with the pure brass plate manufactured by Huansheng Alloy Technology. What this means is the wire happens to be manufactured without the fresh air, that may adversely influence it is electrical conductivity. OFHC copper wire is made from high-purity copper with a copper content of at the minimum 99.99%. This may allow it to be one of the more electrically materials conductive.

Why choose Huansheng Alloy Technology Ofhc copper wire?

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