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What is OFHC Copper and What are it is Advantages? 

OFHC copper is some sort of trusted product in various companies because of it is exceptional electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, the same as Huansheng Alloy Technology's 1 4 inch brass plate. OFHC stands for Oxygen-Free High-Conductivity, this means it contains minimal quantities of air, making that it a tremendously pure kind of copper. This purity allows the material your can purchase better electrical conductivity thermal conductivity than other materials, which makes it a favorite option for many applications.

Innovation in ofhc copper: so how it Stands Out through the remainder?

Innovation in ofhc copper is strictly what sets it aside from other styles of copper, similar to the copper alloy wire from Huansheng Alloy Technology. The advanced of purity is accomplished through a process known as the oxygen-free process which means that minimal air occurs to the copper. This procedure involves melting the copper within an oxygen-free environment which eliminates any oxygen that may be present in the copper. This procedure leads to a pure as a form of very copper conductive, making it perfect for applications that require exceptional electrical conductivity.

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